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Equity /Bible Studies

  • 1 h
  • 10 Australian dollars
  • Sydney Road

Service Description

Equity avoids all of that by not arguing any of it. In equity, we know who we are and by whom we have authority, dominion and jurisdiction. We know that we have equal standing with any other man or woman or judge. We know the rock upon which we stand. We are fine with being under the priority that the contract is given in the constitution, because we know we can unmake any contract as if it never existed. Their 'jurisdiction' and 'authority' depends on the contracts we have signed. Once we come in commercial honor, and eliminate the contract, it comes down to the debt owed. And we have already discharged it. So what else is there to ajudicate? There is no contract. There is no charge. It is finished. We proclaim that the court acknowledge it. The Word of God, like Equity, cannot be mixed. If you worship pagan idols, or deny that Jesus Christ is the path of salvation, then you are no longer practicing Christianity. If you bring in questions or arguments about jurisdiction, then you are no longer practicing equity. "The power of death and life is in the tongue." Bringing an explanation of 'territorial jurisdiction' into a group devoted to learning and practicing equity is akin to bringing an explanation of why we should worship the golden calf in a group devoted to learning scripture.

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Cancellation is available up to 12 hours before the session start time.

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  • Summer Healing Society, Sydney Road, Brunswick VIC, Australia


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