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Ice Bath and Infra Red Sauna Class

14-17 years old, 18+ years old

  • 1 h
  • 30 Australian dollars
  • Sydney Road

Service Description

This Class involves 30 minute infra red sauna 3- 5 minute ice bath 15 min breathwork Regular cold exposure has the ability to help reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, improve body composition, improve cardiovascular fitness, and elevate mood, attention and mental clarity. Just half an hour of contrast water therapy can aid you to: reduce swelling, increase energy and focus, create mental and physical resilience, reduce lethargy, decrease soreness and inflammation and combat stress. This practice of immersing either one particular part or even the whole body in oppositely temperated water has been around for thousands of years but has risen to fame in recent years due to the advocacy of the elite sporting population. By repeatedly submerging body parts or the whole body into hot and cold baths at a set temperature for a specific amount of time, alternating at a specific rate and for a set number of intervals, this method is argued to assist in alleviating circulation-related health issues by opening and closing the blood vessels to achieve a form of pumping effect through the body.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation is available up to 12 hours before the session start time.

Contact Details

  • Summer Healing Society, Sydney Road, Brunswick VIC, Australia


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