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We agree The Summer Healing Private Society, Ministry, PCA, PES, PMA & TRUST is a Society of like-minded Beings who are dedicated to creating, manifesting, living and sharing a healthy and peaceful lifestyle. We wish to participate in alternative healing modalities that are offered by our members of our Society.


We agree that this constitutes an international equitable public notice and overstands any and all contracts through performance and/or acquiescence among other things and any breach or breaches of these terms and conditions may result in equitable action.


We ensure that we understand the international organisation thoroughly and that we come with clean hands and good faith, because additionally as a Member, We also irrevocably and assent agree and affirm the following without recourse or negotiation:


We agree none of the work of SUMMER HEALING & TRUST and/or its Custodians performed verbally, visually, and/or otherwise, is considered as legal, or health advice and/or practice. 


We agree all works provided by SUMMER HEALING & TRUST are purely and only to further their Sacred Principles and purpose internationally.. 


We agree SUMMER HEALING &TRUST takes no responsibility, accountability or liability for our actions or any adverse effects which might be indirectly caused by their actions.


We agree SUMMER HEALING & TRUST may peacefully reject or negotiate any request, contract or offer at any time.


We agree when we contract with SUMMER HEALING & TRUST in any form we are deemed subject to their Sacred Principles, subject to any public notices they create, subject to the Maxims of Equity and also subject to performing the following without recourse or negotiation:


We agree to provide full unfiltered disclosure of our unique situation/s, any conflict/s of interests and our desired result/s immediately.


We agree SUMMER HEALING & TRUST and its Custodians are as protected persons hors de combat in accordance with our good intentions.




Direct Debit Contributions 

We agree if we become a direct debit contributor that:

* We are Binded by peace declaration Bond
* 2 weeks notice needed for membership cancellation must be done by email


(UPU) RPP44 63900 05100 23233 39605


(UPU) RPP44 63700 51001 32941 69607


Between the members of the Public and Members of The Society. Without the intent of fraud or harm as defined by the Principal Traditional Custodian of the Land. International Organisation Reference Number: A11113399 Court Number: 44637 12/2011

Mutual Peace Declaration


For full details of all the relevant binding Public Notices, Bonds and Accessions please go to

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Summer Healing Society contains adoption with Summer Healing Ministry, Ecstatic Temple, Rebirthing Breathwork, Summer Healing PCA, Yoga Unity, AFB Trust and Summer Healing Trust. Established without the intent of causing harm, injury or loss, and as defined by the undersigned Authorised Representative of AIMEE FREDERICA BRACKS exclusively.


Summer Healing Society©

04 3229 3294
C/O 30-32 Sydney Road, Brunswick, Victoria Non-Domestic, APTC and Postcode EXEMPT near [3056]
International (UPU)
RPP44 63900 05100 23233 39605
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