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~Yoga Teacher Training~

"Indulge in the graceful dance of yogic wisdom at Summer Healing's Teachers Training, where seasoned mentors weave a tapestry of philosophy, anatomy, and dynamic teaching. Immerse yourself in the fluid strokes of self-discovery, transforming into a radiant conductor of yoga's artistic symphony."

Yoga Teacher Training

At Summer Healing Yoga, we offer 200 hr yoga training and 50hrs Yin Yoga in Melbourne within the suburb of Brunswick.

200hr Teacher Training

If you’re seeking a 200 hr yoga certification that covers all the essentials of teaching yoga, we offer:
A 5 month course taught in ongoing sessions twice a week

A 10-month course taught in ongoing sessions once a week

Our 200hr yoga course is internationally accredited, providing you with more options when it comes to where you teach and allowing you to live a nomadic lifestyle if you choose. Summer Healing Yoga can help you get your 200 hr yoga alliance certification that will open up new lifestyle opportunities for you as well as greater knowledge of health and wellbeing.
The course has been intelligently designed to give you all the skills and experience you need to be a leading Yoga Asana Teacher.
The course specializes in the methodology of asana bringing ancient teachings into an easy-to-understand format and integrating it into your yoga classes. We teach the pure science of yoga, not just standard exercise

350hr Teacher Training

 Many of our teachers who complete their 200 hour teacher training, feel confident, Content and established to start their new life path. However they also feel they could benefit from a weekly deep dive into the science of yoga. Plus they feel so at home and become family in our beautiful society that departing completely feels a tad lonely and perhaps a little isolating. As a society we support this constant growth and community in fact it’s our convent that we open this space up for the teacher trainees even after the 200 or 350 hr to keep coming when their life has space, there is no end for the study of yoga and our understanding and welcoming you in that awareness. 

This 50-hour intensive program was created for certified and aspiring yoga teachers as well as dedicated yoga students who simply wish to delve more into the world of yin yoga for their own practice.

We cover 36 contact hours over the 4 days, the remaining 14 hours are covered through some homework assignments and then predominantly through assisting and teaching SEVA classes, a unique approach that we have developed to give students real life teaching experience.

50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

In Our 

Yoga Teacher Training

You Will Learn

  • How to adjust and assist yoga students.

  • How to sequence a class.

  • All of the different families of asana and how to instruct them.

  • The anatomical movements of the body.

  • Methodology of asana and how to integrate traditional methods into your classes.

  • Develop all the skills you need to teach yoga to the public.

  • Administration skills.

  • Business skills.

  • Self-development skills.

  • Self-inquiry.

  • How to deepen your practice.

  • The history of yoga.

  • The physiological aspects of yoga.

  • Program teaching in public during the yoga course.

Why Attend Yoga Teacher Training Course?

In a yoga teacher course, you can learn more about your own yoga practice to a depth that’s not possible in a regular class. As you progress in your training and your understanding increases, you will notice your body becoming stronger as well as your mind-body connection developing.

Go Deeper

During the teacher training, you will learn about the components of various yoga postures. By making subtle adjustments, you will develop knowledge on how to enhance the mind-body connection.

Learn More Asanas

200hr yoga courses are no walk in the park, and your focus, concentration, flexibility and strength will all be tested as you practice and improve your poses. As a result, you will become mentally and physically stronger.

Test & Improve Your Abilities

While you fill your mind with new knowledge and practice your discipline regularly, you will also be interacting with new likeminded people who are also completing the same course as you. This provides opportunities to make friends with other yogis on a similar path to yours.

Make New Friends

If you’re looking to enrol in 200hr yoga teacher training, contact Summer Healing Yoga today. We’ve got expert teachers who can provide the in-depth practical instruction and theory you need to be an excellent yoga teacher. Call us today on 0432 293 924 to book your spot.

Total Cost : $4000

Enroll in a 200 hr Yoga Certification Today

For more information, please enter your details in the form below to Download an Information Pack on the course. A Summer Healer will be in touch to discuss the course with you, and to help with any questions you may have.


Here from some of our current teacher trainees on their experience with our course so far



Summer Healing PES standards maintain the highest ethical and moral principles for yoga teachers in order to ensure high quality, exclusive, prime, and equitable training and teachings of an international and Global standard. 



Please enter your details in the form below.

A Summer Healer will be in touch with you to help with any questions you may have.


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