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Rebirthing Breathwork -Cave Room

75 minutes class

  • 1 h 20 min
  • 30 Australian dollars
  • Sydney Road

Service Description

This is an excellent opportunity for the teacher to be able to give you more guidance and individual direction due to the class size maxed at 10 Rebirthing Breathwork (aka Conscious Connected Breathing) is a technique in which we breathe energy with air. It is a relaxed breath where the inhale merges with the exhale and the exhale is a gravity release without pausing or forcing the breath for an hour cycle. Supporters of rebirthing claim that by participating in a “rebirth” as a child or adult, you can resolve negative experiences from birth and infancy that may be preventing you from forming healthy relationships. Some even claim to have memories of their birth during rebirthing

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation is available up to 12 hours before the session start time.

Contact Details

  • Summer Healing Society, Sydney Road, Brunswick VIC, Australia


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